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updated 02/15/2003

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Equalizer Pics (sent in by owners)
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 Equalizer technical pages - including the Manual 
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We found an actual long-lost ad for the Sheridan Equalizer
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The ONLY other EQ link I can find -  NZ Paintball's Equalizer
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The "Legal" Stuff.......

I spoke to a representative of the Crosman Corporation on October 30th 2000 in an attempt to get some information on the Equalizer. The representative advised me that certain pieces of information (potentially including such information as such as the approximate number of units made, where they were manufactured, any special features the product had, any old ads or press release info,  why the product was discontinued, when they were produced (month & year if possible) etc., may be proprietary and therefore may not be available for public disclosure. I will post any information provided to me by the Crosman Corporation. I sincerely wish to work with the Crosman Corporation to make true, fair & accurate statements. I will immediately comply with any request or directive from the Crosman Corporation pertaining to this site. The purpose of this site is to provide free information to owners of this marker and to those curious about the Sheridan Equalizer marker.  In case anybody from Sheridan or the Crosman Corporation stumbles across this site, please drop me a line and let me know if all of this is OK with your legal department.
All content contained herein is soley the author's and is in no way intended to reflect negatively in any way upon any product or service affilliated with Sheridan or the Crosman Corporation. -  Thank you!

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