Equalizer Technical Page
Equalizer acting up? Here's come Frequently Encountered Problems...
Problem: Inconsistent velocity, not responsive to adjustment
The Equalizer hates liquid more than any 'gun I've seen. Since expansion chambers & reguators are not an option, an anti-siphon tank will dramatically improve your performance. Make sure you always shoot a good paint/barrel match, too.
Problem: Air leaks down the barrel
Unless you are a certified airsmith and possess all the tools necessary to open the valve & regulator assembly and repair the damaged parts,  I strongly recommend you send your 'gun to Sheridan for the repairs.
Still can't make it work?
Sheridan will repair any Equalizer for only $35.00 -  no matter what's wrong with it.  It will be under warranty for a year after that, and they will ship it back to you for free.  Sheridan Paintball has a responsive and  knowledgeable customer service team. I sent my Equalizer to Sheridan and they did the work they promised for the price they promised in the time frame they promised. I had a great experience with them & their product. You can direct your questions to any of their service reps at  800-724-7486 between 8:00 am and 4:30 pm  (Eastern Time) Monday through Friday or write to:

Sheridan Paintball
Attn: Customer Service
Routes 5 & 20
East Bloomfield, NY 14443

View the manual  (exploded view, parts & price list) 
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It's in standard jpg format so you won't have to download anything fancy.
(It may take a few seconds to load the pics, though.)

* Manual courtesy of Benjamin Sheridan.

Some initial pics of the 'gun itself.  I gotta admit I dig the logo on the side.
Even fully assembled t's a fairly compact package. The pic on the right shows and old-school 10oz CO2 tank.
Interestingly enough, the 'gun actually makes a "wheezing" noise after each shot - this is the regulator recharging.

Ignore the gray thing under the barrel- it's a stamp. The barrel is a standard PMI III / VM-68 barrel.

The grip has a standard crossblock safety

Nice front bead sight.

The adapter comes off with 2 hex bolts and has it's own ball detent inside.

Here's the back- sorry it's kind of blurry. You can still see the CA adapter and the velocity adjuster screw just above it.
By the way, you can actually turn it all the way down and it will shut off the CO2 much like an on off valve.
On each side is a hex bolt that allows you to remove the regulator assembly from the receiver. The whole 'gun comes apart with just one wrench.

Here's a closer pic of the grip. It's a very solid one-piece grip with safety.
However, it's impossible to attach a bottom-line or a drop forward.
When I got this one back from Sheridan, they had replaced the grip frame with one that looked slightly different from this one.

Now here's the interesting part. The trigger actually has a spring that pushes it back forward after you pull it.
It feels sort of long but is quick enough to generate a good rate of fire. Note the brass block above the spring- that's the valve body.

Here's an exploded view of all the parts in the order they go in.
The Regulator requires a special tool to dismantle, so it remains in one piece.
The direct feed and the barrel have been removed.

Here's a close-up of the bolt. It uses a standard tank o-ring.  Sorry again about the bad quality of the pic.

Note the solid construction and distinct venturi design.

Here's a close-up of the regulator. You can see how it matches with the brass fitting of the valve inside the grip.

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