2nd Place -  Pump League, Houston, TX - 09/09/2001
2nd Place -  Pump League, Houston, TX - 04/28/2002
3rd Place -  Pump League, Houston, TX - 03/30/2003
2nd Place -  Pump League, Ft. Worth, TX - 06/22/2003

Rabid Munkies Blue

Brian Welch  - Captain
Big Chief Munkey 

"i am tha Kwisatz Haderach. the One who can be many places at once." 

Munkey of Unstoppable Attitude.  Able to project emotion confidence into physical form.  Commands team on the field.  Likes things "hyarge". Consumes multiple pounds of beef at a sitting.  Known to occasionally break out in obnoxious air-guitar solos with Nekkid Munkey. When not being angry, Big Chief Munkey sometimes reveals a storehouse of filth bested only by the PatriarchOfNasty himself. Digs Beastie Boys. Difficult to coax off of his VTX and into a car -  often requires beef as a bribe. 

Ian Scott - Captain
OCD Munkey 

"Man....that didn’t work out the way I thought it would." 

Organized yet unable to cope when things don't go as planned, he works tirelessly on projects nobody asked to be completed. Will cry. Coordinates practices & tournaments. Granted powers of hindsight which reduce physical vision but enhance trigger finger.  Inadvertently shoots his own team members while providing “cover”. Kicks bunkers when agitated. Ate the 1lb burger at Fuddruckers but failed to get his picture taken. Talk radio junkie. Went two years without having an emotional meltdown on the field. 

Dave "Truman" Hill 

"Man, I'd   be a lort funnier if I could tpye." 

Old-school veteran player recruited by Munkies who grew tired of playing against him.  Famous on IPR, PBN & PPIG. Retired USMC! 
Plays cleaner than >insert catchy line here<. 
More honorable than Mr. Miagi, a true gent & overall swell guy. 

Ha-ha......we got him!!!!

Rabid Munkies Black - coming soon!

Other Munkies in the Jungle.....

who knows?
Brooks Smith


"Wait. You have you pump it EVERY time?" 


"Ian....are you crying?"

Oldschool tourny player. Slowly adjusting to Munkies' style of play. Recently picked up pump playing. Once fanned the trigger on a pump while bunkering someone & didn't understand why it didn't shoot more than once. Attempting to clean up his game-mouth by thanking players when they leave, but generally fails and just sounds sarcastic. 
Embodies the "18 balls per second is my bunker" style of play. 
Sometimes distressed by Ian's repeated demands that he play pump. 

Tippmann 98, Phantom
Zach Lee

"Are you on my team?"

Silly Munkey

Munkey from "The Other Place".  Origins unknown.  Claims to be brother to Nekkid Munkey.  Ability to communicate with "The Ancients" in unkown tongues. Drivers license looks like Euro-trash. Wears underwear on his head. Once ate tinfoil. 
Will touch you.

Tippmann 98, WWP Razorback II
Brandon Scott

 "Anything electric is cheating."

Dancing Munkey

Munkey of Interperative Body Language.  Granted the power of Hooting. Can lull foes into submission with hypnotic movements (GibbonDance[tm]).  Voice of reason among Munkies.  Master of preparation of Ribs and  Steak.  On quest to eat every hot pepper known to man.  Gifted with adamantium stomach. Does not like roaches.  Nutjob cat once bit Ian. Will not deny having eaten a cat in Mexico. 

Blazer he refuses to have fixed, Trracer
Nathan Lee

 "I thought I was moving a lot faster than that...."

HugeNekkid Munkey

Patriarch of Nasty.  Infected with Tactless-B virus.  Granted the impressive power to remove clothing in the blink of an eye. Nekkid Munkey was devastated to learn his power only works on himself, but he uses it often nonetheless. Dances in boxers. An unfathomable pool of Filth. Loves the Beasties. Digs the ladies. 
Youth Minister - seriously!

Scott Lee

"Well....THIS is going poorly..."

Socio Munkey aka Fotch

Munkey of Immobility. Able to transform into stationary, immovable monolith.  Purveyor of decency and tact.  Friendly nemesis of Nekkid Munkey.  Master of HunkerDown. Originally thought to be a gun runner, but upon further investigation is just fickle. 
"The Nice One"

Moved to Chicago, possibly to escape The Nasty.

James Bobbitt

"My dimples were very cute."


Master tactician. Former master of the "controlled burn". Master of getting screwed out of victory when Ian "gets tired" and quits. Reqires opponents to "check-six". Aggressive player, if by "aggressive" you mean "unrelentling, vicious & rife with mockery", but can be rendered silent by placing a ball directly to the neck. 
Currently recoverin' as per doc's orders - we'll see ya back out soon, amigo!

Autococker (w/ pump kit)
Tim Welch

Everybody : WHO FARTED?
Tim : *cackle*

StinkyMunkey aka T-Rex

Munkey of Youth.  Holds paintball gun with odd grip resembling little dinosaur hands. Loquacious sibling of Big Chief Munkey.  Gifted with ability to create effervescent curtain of odor.  Repels enemies with biological weapons on command. Giggles & grabs self when accosted.  Very wary of OC Munkey, he is the most photogenic munkey of 'em all. 

Sheridan Equalizer
Trevor Sikorski

pop - pop 
"Oh !#$% - I'm out!"
pop - pop - pop
"I said I'm OUT!"
pop..thwack.  (brian snickers)

Flying Munkey

Eh...it's Trevor - what can you say? Great grandfather was minion of dark sorceress from the western lands.  Invents drinks & tricks others into trying them. "Embellishes" a little on stories. Airline pilot- seriously. 
Never plays with us because he moved to Puerto Rico with his lovely fiancee. May move back - thanks, AMR.